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Coast Guard

Professional Library

Character in Action: The U.S. Coast Guard on Leadership
Chief Petty Officer's Guide
The Coast Guardsman's Manual, 10th Edition  
Command at Sea, 6th Edition  
Dictionary of Modern Strategy and Tactics
Dictionary of Naval Abbreviations
Dictionary of Naval Terms  
Dictionary of Military & Naval Quotations  
Division Officer's Guide- Eleventh Edition 
Dutton's Nautical Navigation, 15th Edition  
Farwell's Rules of the Nautical Road, 8th Edition  
Modern Strategy  
Naval Ceremonies, Customs, and Traditions, 6th Edition 
Naval Institute Guide to Naval Writing  
The Naval Officer's Guide, 12th Edition
Naval Shiphandler's Guide
Navy Eval and Fitrep Writing Guide  Ever changing formats but the phraseology is useful
Newly Commissioned Naval Officer's Guide  
Principles of Naval Weapon Systems, 2nd Edition
The Professional Naval Officer: A Course to Steer By
Watch Officer's Guide: A Handbook for All Deck Watch Officers,  15th Ed

Cutters and Aircraft

U.S. Coast Guard and Revenue Cutters, 1790-1935 Donald L. Canney
U.S. Coast Guard Cutters and Craft of World War II Robert L. Scheina
U.S. Coast Guard Cutters and Craft: 1946-1990 Robert L. Scheina
U.S. Coast Guard Aircraft Since 1916  Arthur Pearcy
Wonderful Flying Machines: A History of U.S. Coast Guard Helicopters Barrett Thomas Beard
The Braque of Saviors: Eagle's Passage from the Nazi Navy to the U.S. Coast Guard Russell Drumm
U.S. Lighthouse Service Tenders, 1840-1939 Douglas Peterson 


The Coast Guard Barrett Thomas Beard
Guardians of the Sea: History of the United States Coast Guard, 1915 to the Present Robert Erwin Johnson
Always Ready: The U.S. Coast Guard Kit Bonner
Ocean Station: Operations of the U.S. Coast Guard, 1940-1977 Michael R. Adams 
Not Your Father's Coast Guard: The Untold Story of U.S. Coast Guard Special Forces  Matthew Mitchell
The United States Coast Guard: 1790 to the Present Thomas P. Ostrom
Alaska and the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service, 1867-1915 Truman R. Strobridge and Dennis L. Noble
George Washington's Coast Guard: Origins of the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service, 1789-1801 Irving King
The Coast Guard Under Sail: The U.S. Revenue Cutter Service, 1789-1865 Irving King
The Coast Guard Expands 1865-1915: New Roles, New Frontiers Irving King
So Others May Live: Saving Lives, Defying Death With the Coast Guard's Rescue Swimmers Martha J LaGuardia-Kotite
Bloodstained Sea : The U.S. Coast Guard in the Battle of the Atlantic, 1941-1944 Michael G. Walling
Coast Guard Action in Vietnam : Stories of Those Who Served Paul C. Scotti
Coming Back Alive: The True Story of the Most Harrowing Search and Rescue Mission Ever Attempted on Alaska's High Seas Spike Walker
Lifeboat Sailors: Disasters, Rescues, and the Perilous Future of the Coast Guard's Small Boat Stations Dennis L. Noble
Rescued By The U.S. Coast Guard: Great Acts Of Heroism Since 1878 (Hardcover) Dennis L. Noble
Deadliest Sea: The Untold Story Behind the Greatest Rescue in Coast Guard History Kalee Thompson 
New Jersey Coast Guard Stations and Rumrunners Van R. Field and John J. Galluzzo
Lighthouses & Keepers: The U.S. Lighthouse Service and Its Legacy Dennis L. Noble
Two Tankers Down: The Greatest Small-Boat Rescue In U.S. Coast Guard History Robert Frump
Guardians of the Lights: The Men and Women of the U.S. Lighthouse Service Elinor De Wire 
Rescue Warriors: The U.S. Coast Guard, America's Forgotten Heroes David Helvarg
A Legacy: The United States Life Saving Service Dennis L. Noble 
The Finest Hours: The True Story of the U.S. Coast Guard's Most Daring Sea Rescue Michael J. Tongias

Other Books

Naval Institute Guide to the Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet, 19th Edition Norman Polmar (2013)
United States Navy Aircraft Since 1911 Gordon Swanborough. 
Best one volume reference for vintage U.S. naval aviation including vintage USCG aircraft (1911-1991).
The Naval Institute Guide to Combat Fleets of the World, 16th Edition: Their Ships, Aircraft, and Systems Eric Wertheim (2013)