U.S. Coast Guard
Recruiting Posters

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World War I

Men Wanted

World War II

Remember Pearl Harbor
Time for Action!

Remember Pearl Harbor
Don't Wait Enlist Today


Remember Pearl Harbor
Enlist Now!

Remember Pearl Harbor
Enlist Now!

Setting the Course
to Victory

Clear for Action

Men! 38-45
You Can Serve

Our Son is In

Quick Action

Ready Now

Choose a Career

The girl of the
year is a SPAR

Time for Action

Make a date
with Uncle Sam



Serve with the
Woman's Reserve

Apply Now!
Release a Man to Fight
Illustrator - Charles Andres

Your Duty Ashore - His Afloat
Illustrator - Floherty

Operators of
Small Boats

Post World War II

Circa 1958

Circa 1965

USCGC Eastwind (WAGB-279)

Attention! College Men!
SPAR from "Semper Paratus - Always Ready,"  the US Coast Guard motto in Latin and English does NOT sell posters.
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