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United States Coast Guard and related non-profit fraternal organization reunions are posted as a public service.  Posting does not constitute an endorsement of a reunion or an organization. does not warranty the accuracy of reunion information, reserves the right to refuse to post reunion notices and to remove reunion notices at anytime.  













To Post A Reunion
Gather your COMPLETE reunion information:
  •    What - Specific unit/s, with hull number/s or squadron number/s and association name as applies.
  •    Who -  (Optional) Who is invited?  If you don't specify it is assumed to be open for all members of the unit. 
    Examples:  B-Division; 1950-53;  or, WW2 only.
  •    When - Exact dates of your gathering from start to finish.  Reunions with no firm date are proposed and will be posted not longer than six months unless firm dates are provided. Example: September 11-15 2020.
  •    Where - City and state.  In the case of a reunion on a cruise ship give the port.  
    Example: Ft Lauderdale FL.  Commercial names and links will NOT be posted.
  •    Contact person/s information - Name of one or more individuals, and one or more ways to contact them. Address, telephone, *email*, and unit/organization web site information are all acceptable.  Resort and hotel websites and contact information will NOT be posted.
    Example: Ima Coastie, 123 Hopely Yeaton Drive, Underway FL (850-555-1212) (email address)  (unit web site address)

Send your COMPLETE reunion information to


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Please note

  •   Submissions are edited to fit a standardized format.
  •   Contact person/s should submit information. If a different person submits the reunion an email verification is sent to the reunion contact.
  •   It is suggested that your group obtain an exclusive email address for your reunion. Even though your personal email address will not be displayed on this page, it will be "harvested" from the code by the junk mailers.  Sign up for a free or email account for reunion use if you want to preserve your personal email account.