Department of the Navy photos from National Archives and Records Administration
unless otherwise noted. Photographer named if known.
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Iwo Jima beachhead looking toward Mt. Suribachi.  February 1945

Fifth Marines break for religious services on Iwo Jima.
(Sgt. L. R. Burmeister)

Marines raise the flag on Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima,  February 23, 1945. 
(Joe Rosenthal, AP)

The black sands of Iwo Jima with Mt. Suribachi in background.  February 1945.

U.S. Marines on Tarawa.
November 1943.  (WO Obie Newcomb Jr)

Tough going for contested turf at Tarawa Atoll. November 1943.  

Coast Guardsman pays the ultimate price at his battle station on the USS Menges (DE-320) in the Mediterranean.
(PhoM1c Arthur Greene)

Marines post appreciation to Coast Guard for the ride to the beach.  Guam 1944.

Coast Guard LST lands Marines during Cape Gloucester, New Britain invasion.  December 24, 1943.
(PhoM1c Don C. Hansen)

Coast Guard landing craft deliver the Army to the beach during the invasion of Luzon.  January 9, 1945. 
(PhoM1c Ted Needham)

Marine PFC Douglas Lightheart (right) cradles his 30-cal. machine gun while he and PFC Gerald Churchby  take a break on  Peleliu Island.  September 14, 1944. 
(Cpl. H. H. Clements)

Marine amphibious landing on Tinian Atoll.  July 1944

Marine stretcher bearers on Peleliu September 1944.
(Sgt T. D. Barnett)

Navy Chaplain holds Mass for Marines on Saipan.  June 1944. 
(Sgt. Steele)

Shipboard brief for Tarawa invasion. November 1943.

Marine Raiders with K9 partners on Bougainville.   November/December 1943.
(T.Sgt. J. Sarno)

Motor Torpedo Boat off New Guinea.

Marine F4U "Corsair" rocket attack during Battle for Okinawa, Japan.   June 1945.
(Lt Dave Duncan)

Coast Guard security watch at shipyard.
(Library of Congress)

Coast Guard security watch at Higgins shipyard, New Orleans.
(Library of Congress)

Coast Guard crew of LST-884.